Our Company

Sigma Financial Corporation is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping our clients improve their long-term financial success. Our customized programs are designed to grow and conserve our clients’ wealth by delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service. Since 1983, we have been leading clients to financial freedom, living up to our motto: "Financial planning today for financial freedom tomorrow." Today, Sigma Financial Corporation stands out as one of Michigan’s premier independent broker/dealers. With more than 600 representatives, Sigma Financial Corporation services all 50 states. And because of our commitment to personal and responsive service, we have won the #1 spot of the Investment Advisor Fax Poll for the Broker Dealer of the Year Award a record nine times. 

From The President
Jerry Rydell

Sigma Financial Corporation, President

Hello, I'm Jerry Rydell, President of Sigma Financial Corporation. When I founded the company in 1983, I had extraordinarily high expectations. For instance, I was determined that our success be measured by individual performance rather than employee head count. I wanted the company to be driven by customer service, focused purely on results, and committed wholeheartedly to the professional development of employees and affiliates. It was also important to me that Sigma remain independent and not become an anonymous division of some huge conglomerate. Corporate citizenship is another central issue. Early on I made a decision to share any future prosperity with the communities we served. Over the years, the company has more than fulfilled my hopes and ambitions. From my perspective, Sigma Financial Corporation has succeeded on every front. Today, the company is affiliated with over 600 highly qualified registered reps throughout the United States and maintains a strong emphasis on individual achievement. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of investment planning services, including estate planning and tax reduction strategies. Our record of performance, based on service for individual investors, is excellent. And we remain completely independent and autonomous. Sigma4Clients.com is another example of our dedication to customer service. We offer this website as a practical guide to help you sort out conflicting and overwhelming amounts of information in an ever-changing financial landscape. We hope we are successful in helping you to identify and achieve your financial objectives. Enjoy and let us know what you think. We welcome your opinions and ideas. And if you like what you see, please refer Sigma4Clients.com to your friends. Thank you for choosing Sigma Financial Corporation to be part of your personal investment planning strategy. 


Jerry Rydell